JASMINE Alexandria Burton from Columbus, Ohio graduated Cum Laude from Columbus College of Art & Design with a BFA in Fashion Design. Since an early age, Jasmine has been creating with scissors and material to make something beautiful for the wearer. She has the ability to develop creative and conceptual designs and efficient in pattern making and various pattern manipulation techniques with meticulous sewing skills. She is always working with her hands to create and develop new ideas in fashion. What makes Jasmine different from any other designer is that she not trying to fit in with everybody else’s trends and styles. She makes her own trends for the fashion world. Jasmine wants to dress her client to look polished to perfection at any given time of day.

An ALEXANDRIA JAY woman comes from many different parts of the world. She is a strong and independent woman. What she has in common with other women is her passion and drive. She represents an elegant, confident and classy woman. She can be completely covered up while still being sexy. Her appreciation and eye for fashion makes her my ideal woman. My mission is to dress women to make them feel like a woman; classy, sophisticated, chic and sexy without trying too hard.